Winning Runs from Round #2 | UCI Downhill World Cup Maribor 2020

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First half of the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup season 2020 is done and dusted. In contrast with round one on Friday, Sunday's round two in Maribor, Slovenia, treated riders with an almost dry track, allowing higher speeds which resulted in tighter margins at the finish line. Nina Hoffmann celebrated her first ever World Cup win in the Women's category. Marine Cabirou, Eleonora Farina, Myriam Nicole & Tracey Hannah completed the podium respectively.
Loris Vergier won the race in Men's category with another stellar performance, leaving Maribor with a perfect score of two gold medals. He was followed by his fellow Frenchman Loïc Bruni in second, Matt Walker (GBR) in third, Finn Iles in 4th and Troy Brosnan in 5th.
Watch all the action from Maribor:
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  1. cian ryan
    cian ryan
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    Who disliked this video?

  2. Rhett Corbett
    Rhett Corbett
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    The mighty Santa Cruz V10 CC is back. .👍👍👍

  3. Wesley Fraser
    Wesley Fraser
    Vor Monat

    The only thing more annoying than the announcer constantly yelling is the chainsaw. At least the chain saw is intermittent.

  4. Bike Life with Rob
    Bike Life with Rob
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    Awesome runs

  5. squash puddle
    squash puddle
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    🚴💞🙏🌐😷😇👋😊 Pedal Power 💨🚴

  6. __fabian.v
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    It's always cool to see athletes pushing their limits. Cycling, whether downhill or cross country, is in my opinion the best sport

  7. suFi .juferi
    suFi .juferi
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  9. Cyborg Amish
    Cyborg Amish
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    I have an idea ! As MTB is mostly silent and does not produce smoke, what if I bring my chainsaw to fix that ? eh ?

    1. Russell Reilly
      Russell Reilly
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      Yeah, the morons should go to a motorbike race if they want obnoxious noise and smoke.

  10. Kev’in Bike
    Kev’in Bike
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    Thanks for this very Nice vidéo

  11. R/T Te Selle
    R/T Te Selle
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    It’s hittn’ !

  12. 666 call of death
    666 call of death
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    i live in slovenia

  13. ANSHUL Chauhan
    ANSHUL Chauhan
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    Santa Cruz bike is my dream bike 🚴 but iam not abel to buy this bike fan from india

  14. Aje Pro
    Aje Pro
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    Haha im from slovenia(that's where Maribor is)

  15. Dan Raharison
    Dan Raharison
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    Seeing Nina win this one was so good

  16. ach maliki
    ach maliki
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    Top 3 was so close on men DH

  17. Miles k Media
    Miles k Media
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    Why is a pro women rider riding for Santa Cruz no juliana

  18. BList
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    I really hate the chainsaws It was fun not having to mute races for a while looks like we're back at it again

  19. Belial
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    Haha santa cruz go brrr

    1. Arjun Chopra
      Arjun Chopra
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      Underrated comment

  20. Monika Ingrid Kollecker
    Monika Ingrid Kollecker
    Vor Monat

    Großartig Nina. Grüße aus Halle...

  21. Neph1l1m999
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    🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 Nina was so strong 🤙👉🥇👍, congrats

  22. thiago siqueira
    thiago siqueira
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    1. thiago siqueira
      thiago siqueira
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  23. The Dr. T-Pro Show!
    The Dr. T-Pro Show!
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    Incredible riding, incredible speed... like this if you would appreciate live speed (mph or km/h) on the screen

  24. NØ4H BØ4
    NØ4H BØ4
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    1:48 now those... Those are real fans!

    1. Elio Cocco
      Elio Cocco
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      O yes

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  25. J Foxx
    J Foxx
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    japierdoel ale piec

  26. dan katla sharpe
    dan katla sharpe
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    why chainsaws without a chain? lets pretend we are motor bikes ?

  27. Antonio Florea
    Antonio Florea
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    LORRRRRRISSSSSSSSSS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOD JOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Cristóbal Muñoz
    Cristóbal Muñoz
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    Saluds a Tod's thes guy's rider's in the day of the so leyend in podium in the second session's series in. World Champs series cup in. Downihll bike's. 🤘😀🚵. Saluds of chile 🇨🇱 🍀🍀

  29. Alain Boudard
    Alain Boudard
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    Frenchies on top ! 😎

  30. Oskar Staudte
    Oskar Staudte
    Vor Monat

    Santa Cruz bikes seem to work quite well at maribor haha

    1. lil k33fey
      lil k33fey
      Vor Monat

      Work well everywhere, their class

    2. xXliam_030X x
      xXliam_030X x
      Vor Monat

      @Mateusz Dopierała They are also some of the best if not the best dh bikes out there.

    3. Oskar Staudte
      Oskar Staudte
      Vor Monat

      @Mateusz Dopierała Nina won on a Santa Cruz and Loris too

    4. Mateusz Dopierała
      Mateusz Dopierała
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  31. TheDiablosix6six
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    Wheres the junior runs??

  32. Jens Hatzig
    Jens Hatzig
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    😎 Cool! Wollt ihr unser neues Video auch ein bisschen pushen?! Wäre super! >>

  33. ĸaιne
    Vor Monat

    Has the chainsaw replaced the vuvuzela?

    1. Ro Lux
      Ro Lux
      Vor Monat

      Since the 70s in German motocross and in mtb since the mid 2000s. Dang there never where vuvuzelas, but effed up rims which will get beaten the hell out with an old bar.

    2. Darragh
      Vor Monat

      Has been like that at mtb events for a while

  34. Freeriderin 96
    Freeriderin 96
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    Well done nina 😊👍🏻

  35. Ghost Fish
    Ghost Fish
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    Both on Santa a sign 🙄

    Vor Monat

    Danny Hart leaving Saracen, maybe teaming up with Finn Iles, and Loïc Bruni on Specialized Gravity? Maybe?

    1. Riley Barber
      Riley Barber
      Vor Monat

      Nah, people are speculating that orange bikes is starting a dh team

  37. Arlin Khan pradana
    Arlin Khan pradana
    Vor Monat

    Tra aku ni

  38. Dewsta26
    Vor Monat

    I fking *love* mtbing! Epic runs,, they were flying! 🔥 🚲

  39. Dida Nugraha
    Dida Nugraha
    Vor Monat

    Mantap euy

  40. StankBeast
    Vor Monat

    Amazing coverage, kudos to Redbull who seemingly listened to us fans after tha shambles that was Leogang.

    1. StankBeast
      Vor Monat

      @Lukáš Bartošek Agreed thats also BS but compared to Leogang this was far better. I mean the stream actually worked for a start dude.

    2. Lukáš Bartošek
      Lukáš Bartošek
      Vor Monat

      What? Top 10 riders on the start have always most of the run covered...

    3. Nick Harris
      Nick Harris
      Vor Monat

      Agree, and they didn't give away winners here on DEburn in the thumbnail.

  41. daweil
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    Go Nina!

  42. Celtíbero
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  43. Mountain biking
    Mountain biking
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  44. Malik Mctarick
    Malik Mctarick
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    I’m 659th

    1. Samuel Gaskell
      Samuel Gaskell
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      Im 115301

    2. cenek nemec
      cenek nemec
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      @CMY Ties haha, I thought he was being sarcastic, as in "I'd finish 657th...."

    3. CMY Ties
      CMY Ties
      Vor Monat

      cenek nemec he meant that he was the 659th person watching this video

    4. CMY Ties
      CMY Ties
      Vor Monat

      cenek nemec he meant that he was the 659th person watching this video

    5. Malik Mctarick
      Malik Mctarick
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      @cenek nemec ??

  45. MTB Lifestyle
    MTB Lifestyle
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    Sick runs! 🤙🏻

  46. Martin Leon
    Martin Leon
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    My dream right their ill be Their one day

  47. LEGENX 01
    LEGENX 01
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    The rock section would sweep me so easily

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