Skip & Shannon react to Seahawks preparing to sign Antonio Brown | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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According to reports, the Seattle Seahawks are quote, 'positioned to make a push' when it comes to signing free agent Antonio Brown. AB is eligible to return from his suspension after Week 8. Brown ran routes with Russell Wilson this offseason and just this week, Pete Carroll said the team is 'tuned in' to the situation when it comes to bringing in the receiver. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the possibility of AB joining the Seahawks.
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Skip & Shannon react to Seahawks preparing to sign Antonio Brown | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Vor Monat

    Would Antonio Brown be a good fit for the Seahawks?

    1. Ranil Curry
      Ranil Curry
      Vor 29 Tage

      Antonio Brown will be fine. Despite what u guys said. He is back in the NFL. Many Elite quarterbacks want Antonio Brown

    2. ivan anderson
      ivan anderson
      Vor Monat

      yes pete carol can handle them like they did with sherman

    3. Chad Johns
      Chad Johns
      Vor Monat

      That man is gonna be ready to play. Just watch

    4. cdeuce Riley
      cdeuce Riley
      Vor Monat

      1 day and this is already old news lol

    5. Louie DZ
      Louie DZ
      Vor Monat

      Noah Skillings yikes

  2. SavPlayz X
    SavPlayz X
    Vor 28 Tage

    He really signed with Tampa bay like bruh

  3. Huckabuck RatchetCityHero
    Huckabuck RatchetCityHero
    Vor 29 Tage

    Skip why bring that up.

  4. Malik McKenzie
    Malik McKenzie
    Vor 29 Tage

    Anybody here after TB signing?

  5. Masato Mamebana
    Masato Mamebana
    Vor 29 Tage

    We’re good in Seattle with what we got.

  6. Edward Walker
    Edward Walker
    Vor 29 Tage

    Makes me laugh that they disregarded him going to the Bucs then he ends up there 😂

  7. Inner G
    Inner G
    Vor 29 Tage

    Good defense, is a good offense. Making sure no other team signs him also he will be another weapon in a super bowl.

  8. akprice17
    Vor Monat

    This didn’t age well haha.

    Vor Monat

    monday will be fun. shannon will be mad ab is with brady...go bucs

  10. The HOWARD
    The HOWARD
    Vor Monat

    I thought I read he went 2 the bucs?

  11. Big Dog
    Big Dog
    Vor Monat

    unreal. how do you as an undefeated team, sign someone who is that much of a disaster case. zero positive benefit and all down side. clap clap it up

  12. Joel Dunsmore
    Joel Dunsmore
    Vor Monat

    All i can say is AB is down to probably his last chance if he messes up in Seattle it will be. He has better make the most of this one.

  13. florencefortyseven
    Vor Monat

    Why are people so desperate to sign AB, despite better judgement? He can't be THAT good.

  14. James white jr
    James white jr
    Vor Monat

    I need see white men problems on these sport shows . See skip just because he had a black mammy still don't make u black so quiet disrespecting black men .

  15. James white jr
    James white jr
    Vor Monat

    Let me tell u about what Shannon don't no about the humblest of a athlete antonio will show up and then show out . Go Hawk's

  16. Mo Jerm
    Mo Jerm
    Vor Monat

    Him going to the Bucs😭

  17. soleMAN
    Vor Monat

    Looks like TB is the boss of that team...not BA.

  18. Gino Martinez
    Gino Martinez
    Vor Monat

    I predict he will go to the bucs

  19. Marq Page Jr.
    Marq Page Jr.
    Vor Monat

    AB is going to take Russ lunch money!😭😭😭😭

  20. marc larrieux
    marc larrieux
    Vor Monat

    I thought AB was going to Tampa

  21. Emmanuel Cruz
    Emmanuel Cruz
    Vor Monat

    Why show AB in Pats uniform? He played there one game? Not associated with Pats. He will forever be a Steeler. Lol

  22. Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller
    Vor Monat

    Don't sign AB, Seahawks don't need him.

  23. Isaac David
    Isaac David
    Vor Monat

    Can't wait till Monday and AB is a Buccaneer 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Oliver Bacon
    Oliver Bacon
    Vor Monat

    This didn't age well , off to Tampa Bay he goes 😂😂😂

    1. James Anderson
      James Anderson
      Vor 29 Tage


    2. M Moore
      M Moore
      Vor Monat

      Uh huh

    3. Rosita West
      Rosita West
      Vor Monat

      Yep! Lol

  25. john bush
    john bush
    Vor Monat

    Poor Shannon, an just signed with the bucs

  26. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Vor Monat

    How that turn out? Lol he went east to the bucs lol

  27. Sam Ely
    Sam Ely
    Vor Monat

    It’s Russell’s leadership that makes the difference

  28. DirtBikeDevil
    Vor Monat


  29. Marco Daniel
    Marco Daniel
    Vor Monat

    sike, he went to Tampa :(

  30. Walker
    Vor Monat

    Wow he signed with the bucs

  31. Nikolas Diallo
    Nikolas Diallo
    Vor Monat

    Well, the circus has just began. 24 hour update: Tampa Bay signs Antonio Brown for 1/yr contract. The Tom-pa Show Begins. I got 12 cases of Diet Dew on that.

  32. Jake Waldman
    Jake Waldman
    Vor Monat

    I thought he was going to tampa

    1. Jake Waldman
      Jake Waldman
      Vor Monat

      @anthony patterson I just got the notification😂 I see the date now it was DEburn’s fault

  33. Yeti RC
    Yeti RC
    Vor Monat

    What AB and his agent just did was genius. Break the ice with "seattle" and get all of the bandwagon and media support. Then quietly let the bucs do their thing🤣🤣. Yall know if they told the truth that it was the bucs the whole time the media would have killed him.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Jon Doe
      Jon Doe
      Vor Monat

      Yes very true it was well played

  34. vanz andre manicdo
    vanz andre manicdo
    Vor Monat

    Whose here after he signed with tampa

  35. MixDatSalt
    Vor Monat

    I really hope AB works out this time. Like Unc said, if he acts up, he's gone. We'll see if he learned anything yet.

  36. BucsDude 2002
    BucsDude 2002
    Vor Monat


  37. Mxruder
    Vor Monat

    whos here after AB went to the buccaneers

  38. nos victurium
    nos victurium
    Vor Monat

    TB got him!!🖕👁🖕

  39. The Hulk
    The Hulk
    Vor Monat

    He signed with bucs your welcome

  40. Devastator Duder
    Devastator Duder
    Vor Monat

    He is gonna b a buccaneer! Tom Bradys little cry baby!!

  41. MariOOls
    Vor Monat

    WHAT ABOUT THE BUCS? :) What you're going to say now, huh? That's some big news. GO AB! GO BUCS!

  42. John Gullo
    John Gullo
    Vor Monat

    Who’s next for Brady? I hear OJ is available.

  43. Tasche CJK
    Tasche CJK
    Vor Monat

    well...this aged well. lol

  44. J. O.
    J. O.
    Vor Monat

    AB to the Bucs!!

  45. Perry Ellis
    Perry Ellis
    Vor Monat

    As a Steelers fan I'm glad Levon Bell signed w the Cheifs and I'm glad Antonio Brown signed w Tom Brady and the Bucs this is perfect. Now the Steelers will win the Superbowl and those malcontents who were me first people, brown and Bell will have to watch the Steelers win the Superbowl with teams who they thought could win it.

    Vor Monat


  47. J W
    J W
    Vor Monat

    Oh my god give Seattle their super bowl ring now

  48. JK DeMartino
    JK DeMartino
    Vor Monat

    Lol pointless conversation

  49. Weso Gee
    Weso Gee
    Vor Monat

    Now he’s in Tampa 🤣

  50. seth m
    seth m
    Vor Monat

    Bucs bout to b lit

  51. Jermaine Jackson
    Jermaine Jackson
    Vor Monat

    You wrong on this one thing one.. Shannon! Skip! Come on man..

  52. MovieCon
    Vor Monat

    Whos here after brown sign with bucs😂😂😂😂

  53. Trev Mac
    Trev Mac
    Vor Monat

    *Tom Brady says Hello*

  54. Hunned Proof Productions
    Hunned Proof Productions
    Vor Monat

    I figured Tom Brady would push to get AB in Tampa. Not Seattle

  55. Mr Gucci
    Mr Gucci
    Vor Monat

    Antonio Brown gonna show up in Seattle in a Alien 👽 Spaceship made out of Legos, scrap metal from Area 51 & used Go-Cart parts!! 🤣😂😅

  56. q
    Vor Monat

    I'm actually betting on this to work and not a Seattle fan nor AB fan, but I see redemption in some type of weird way!! Idk...people can change, so we'll see, although he's the dumbest businessman on the planet leaving 28mill guaranteed on the table from Raiders if he shuts his mouth for 72hours, 3 days.....Sorry thats a IDIOT MOVE!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. Thomas Blanks
    Thomas Blanks
    Vor Monat

    Lmao ab to the bucs smh yo yall sports analyst been taking Ls all year

  58. Val Reyes
    Val Reyes
    Vor Monat

    But I need the Dez Bryant to the ravens debate 👀‼️‼️

  59. Val Reyes
    Val Reyes
    Vor Monat

    Crazy thing is ab is at Tampa now lol

  60. Kek Ozymandias
    Kek Ozymandias
    Vor Monat

    Buccaneers will sign him

  61. Jason Gill
    Jason Gill
    Vor Monat

    Shannon Sharpe YES SIR!!

  62. Bobby Williams
    Bobby Williams
    Vor Monat

    Now that he’s with Tom Brady keep that same energy Skip Bayless!!! You to Shannon!

  63. King Louis
    King Louis
    Vor Monat

    AB is a buccaneer

  64. Alex Jan
    Alex Jan
    Vor Monat

    Anyone here after he joined TB

    1. Lagos Fury
      Lagos Fury
      Vor Monat

      They dont need him either

    2. ᏞᎪᎷᎪᎡ
      Vor Monat

      I saw it on ESPN, that’s gonna give Tampa Bay a boost

  65. Antonio Holmes
    Antonio Holmes
    Vor Monat

    AB is back!! 🔥🔥🔥

  66. Wilfredo Torres Tristani
    Wilfredo Torres Tristani
    Vor Monat

    didn't age well hahahahaahha 5:00

  67. hi ali
    hi ali
    Vor Monat

    Antonio Buccaneer🔥🔥🔥

  68. CJFRM3658
    Vor Monat

    Is Eric Berry Still Available?

  69. Rick Western
    Rick Western
    Vor Monat

    Anthonio Brown will be a better person if he spoke with a Hall of Famer still playing. Named Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz has so much class and even though he not targeted this year he still a team player. Not pounting or throwing chairs or making issues with teammates or coaches. Thsts who antonio brown should talk too.

  70. rick numbawan
    rick numbawan
    Vor Monat

    Seahawks are not in a rebuild season. Sometime dialing it up makes a better meal, says the cook.

  71. Mister Lance
    Mister Lance
    Vor Monat

    AB gonna throw a punch and last 1 hour

  72. Big King
    Big King
    Vor Monat

    These two dwell on the past really bad.

  73. Moi Chanc
    Moi Chanc
    Vor Monat

    Wow what a guy. Waits till mid season and signs with best team 😂😂😂😂

  74. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee
    Vor Monat

    No need to sign AB

  75. rob feld
    rob feld
    Vor Monat

    Ic! Another pathetic loser getting another opportunity in this, as Lewoke James would say, in this racist world. If blacks are so scared (as Lewoke said) of the white guys, why would Brown go work with a white owner???? Pretty great opportunity if u ask me!!!!

  76. Primetime BMS
    Primetime BMS
    Vor Monat

    If they add AB that’s a super bowl!!!

  77. Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman
    Vor Monat

    Our defense is just embarassing. That game vs Cowboys in the first half, they were running the ball at will. Jamal Adams won't be enough, we need a pass rusher badly. Seattle would be favoured to win the superbowl if Anthonio Brown was Khalil Mack.

  78. Adrien Yb
    Adrien Yb
    Vor Monat

    5. Rams 4. 49ers 3. Patriots 2. Ravens 1. Titans

  79. Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised
    Vor Monat

    Big Ben was too busy tugging in the Bathroom Stall to talk it out with AB. Now he's worked those issues out and found god. No more rub and tug down 8======D - - - -- -

  80. Warren Crowley
    Warren Crowley
    Vor Monat

    Need to be signing Earl Thomas...secondary needs HELP

  81. Michael O
    Michael O
    Vor Monat

    As crazy as AB be you can’t deny his Skill. He can show up for a team easily but gotta get his acts together 1st. Wish him best of luck on his journey

  82. Skeezix
    Vor Monat

    Last year the Seahawks had 17 starters on the IR in December going into the playoffs. Depth is huge at any position if you can get it like AB

  83. slick 205
    slick 205
    Vor Monat

    I really hope seattle does not sight Antonio. We do not need him.

  84. Ryan Sarrett
    Ryan Sarrett
    Vor Monat

    I seen this in 2013 .... His name was percy harvin... lol... I think this will work out for the best:)

  85. Harps T
    Harps T
    Vor Monat

    AB is the new Rodman!!!....the comparison is Scary but we all know what happened there!

  86. Techno Mage
    Techno Mage
    Vor Monat

    In 2020, a man who publicly calls another man a racial slur and threatens violence is being accepted back into the NFL... who would've thought?

  87. Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
    Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
    Vor Monat

    You can only try AB out and look if he is really humbled and can keep that behavior up for a necessary time period.

  88. Bri Ba
    Bri Ba
    Vor Monat

    Suspensions should only be served while under contract. His 8 games off were equal to my 8 games off.

  89. Billy Gunns
    Billy Gunns
    Vor Monat

    Seahawks are tired of having to play from behind and putting all the pressure on Russ. The defense can’t stop anyone and the offense (especially the running game) isn’t good enough to guarantee they win their division. AB will help them win games and give Russ another weapon. 16-0 if they sign AB.

  90. jay clark
    jay clark
    Vor Monat

    I think it comes down to Seattle not wanting him on the Packers or Ravens. But a player like AB might do more damage on your team than against it. Honestly I think he’s seen that football can be taken away, if he truly doesn’t want that to happen then he’ll come to play!

  91. Jeremy James
    Jeremy James
    Vor Monat

    If i was Seattle i would not sign him how long is it going to be for he starts complaining about not getting the football Antonio Brown is a poisonous individual

  92. Tuhi Tuhi
    Tuhi Tuhi
    Vor Monat

    Lamar needs a receiver

    1. Tuhi Tuhi
      Tuhi Tuhi
      Vor Monat

      Would be a good option

    2. trill k
      trill k
      Vor Monat


  93. Tuhi Tuhi
    Tuhi Tuhi
    Vor Monat

    Get Josh Gordon nrxt

  94. hardtoexplain32
    Vor Monat

    I don't think the relationship is repairable in Pittsburgh, not to mention there's three or four solid targets and we couldn't handle him the first time, so I don't want him back. That being said, if he fixed himself mentally then whoever gets him is going to get a monster at a bargain in a good way, if not the shelf life might be about three games. I don't wish the guy any ill will because I think there were warning signs that he was headed for his own Crime In Sports episode and as funny as those guys make those episodes, a lot of them are sad when you really think about it.

  95. kisione mokomoko
    kisione mokomoko
    Vor Monat


  96. AshGod
    Vor Monat

    AB to Cinci wit burrow and burrow gets the weapon to elevate their offense

    Vor Monat

    fuerza regida

  98. Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*
    Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*
    Vor Monat

    He better pull up on a scooter on game day !! Lol

  99. agnobayis enalemis
    agnobayis enalemis
    Vor Monat

    Seattle getting AB would be more them just preventing him from being somewhere else, i.e, Packers, as opposed to them actually needing him..

  100. Raymond Mcmillan
    Raymond Mcmillan
    Vor Monat

    Hope they don't do it? He should go to the Bears 🐻