Miley Cyrus Performs “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” | Miley Cyrus Unplugged

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Miley Cyrus performs a cover of “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” by Arctic Monkeys in this 2014 MTV Unplugged.
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  1. karina schlichting
    karina schlichting
    Vor 9 Minuten


  2. Sthefany Alves
    Sthefany Alves
    Vor 12 Minuten


  3. Melissa
    Vor 33 Minuten

    I could play this forever

  4. Lady Red
    Lady Red
    Vor 37 Minuten

    i like ur outfit Miley send it to me

  5. DominicCollison
    Vor Stunde

    just a reality check: this is the same person as the girl who sang ho-down showdown

  6. Kayla Cervantes
    Kayla Cervantes
    Vor 2 Stunden

    Respect her

  7. Tina Marie
    Tina Marie
    Vor 2 Stunden

    Dear people from tik tok, 2:17

  8. Ника Салмина
    Ника Салмина
    Vor 2 Stunden

    русские с тик тока тут?🌝

  9. Emily Krol
    Emily Krol
    Vor 2 Stunden


  10. Claire Hagen
    Claire Hagen
    Vor 3 Stunden

    ok so when she coming out with a rock album?

  11. Lee sterine
    Lee sterine
    Vor 3 Stunden

    I got goosebumps damn this is SO GOOD!!

  12. Crepsoo _MJ Violin
    Crepsoo _MJ Violin
    Vor 3 Stunden

    Wow she can sing really high! since 2014. Today she sounded like a rockstar and her voice sounded better 🤩

  13. axaria
    Vor 3 Stunden


  14. normie exclusionary radical metalhead
    normie exclusionary radical metalhead
    Vor 3 Stunden

    wahh wahh tik tok wahhh wahh

  15. Rosario Ceballos
    Rosario Ceballos
    Vor 4 Stunden

    Tik tok?

  16. Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale
    Vor 4 Stunden

    *Hello, LGBTQ+ community!*

  17. Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale
    Vor 4 Stunden

    It was about time our *pansexual, gender-fluid Miley got her gay tiktok clout.* And the fact that it's for her doing rock makes it even better!

  18. Jay Marie
    Jay Marie
    Vor 4 Stunden

    Im obsessed 🥺

  19. Dilara Akça
    Dilara Akça
    Vor 4 Stunden

    Alex would be proud

  20. Amelia Afzal
    Amelia Afzal
    Vor 4 Stunden

    This actually slaps i love it

  21. Alissa Stewart
    Alissa Stewart
    Vor 5 Stunden

    Her voice just gives me goosebumps bump, always did but this song, oooof on another level! 😍

  22. Ażræl
    Vor 5 Stunden

    Me: listening and enjoying Also me: knowing this was 6 years ago and they just posted this because mileys version got viral on tiktok 😴

  23. Старр Ада
    Старр Ада
    Vor 5 Stunden

    Why you only call me when your

  24. Mila Fontaine
    Mila Fontaine
    Vor 6 Stunden

    Raise your hand if you heard this live while she was on tour :):)

  25. Sümeyye Özbek
    Sümeyye Özbek
    Vor 6 Stunden

    I got goosebumps in the last part 💞

  26. marisa trevino
    marisa trevino
    Vor 6 Stunden

    chills. Literal chills.

  27. yasio bolo
    yasio bolo
    Vor 7 Stunden

    lmao I remembered when everyone was still young, our parents would slander miley just because of her wrecking ball video...just me?

    1. Jakob Whale
      Jakob Whale
      Vor 4 Stunden

      Karen was upset

  28. Dilara Dilara
    Dilara Dilara
    Vor 8 Stunden


  29. Jules
    Vor 8 Stunden

    Yessssss please bring back rock!

    1. Jakob Whale
      Jakob Whale
      Vor 4 Stunden

      Her album Plastic Hearts is coming November 27th!

  30. amenaa
    Vor 8 Stunden


    1. yasio bolo
      yasio bolo
      Vor 7 Stunden

      I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her 😍

  31. Selma_00
    Vor 8 Stunden

    The whole whole song should be like the end🥺😭😭that’s the best part

  32. Рэйес
    Vor 8 Stunden

    someone put it on spotify

  33. Selma_00
    Vor 8 Stunden

    I’m crying because this is not on Spotify😭😭😭😭😭

  34. ThePowerOfEquality432
    Vor 8 Stunden

    I love this song and this one made me a lil nervous.. but she killed it and I can’t deny

  35. NB
    Vor 8 Stunden

    Her voice is amazing.

  36. Break'em Bones
    Break'em Bones
    Vor 9 Stunden

    That ending. The riff. No one does it like she does.

  37. Eira Dennice
    Eira Dennice
    Vor 10 Stunden


  38. Mia A
    Mia A
    Vor 10 Stunden

    Ugh I hate Miley as a person but can NEVER deny the girl her flowers. Talented as she is cringe

  39. ohnoesmeraldaa
    Vor 11 Stunden

    Wow they don’t give credit to Arctic Monkeys just WOW! BTW LOVE Arctic Monkeys the cover too:-))

  40. ohnoesmeraldaa
    Vor 11 Stunden

    Wow they don’t give credit to Arctic Monkeys just WOW! BTW LOVE Arctic Monkeys the the cover too:-))

  41. d
    Vor 11 Stunden


  42. ali
    Vor 11 Stunden

    the only current pop girl that matters ✨✨ we should give her more attention. She can sing anything: rock, country, pop.

  43. Lara Hürlimann
    Lara Hürlimann
    Vor 11 Stunden


  44. Stone Martinez
    Stone Martinez
    Vor 12 Stunden

    I... Tell me why im so attracted to her in this.

    Vor 12 Stunden

    I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her 😍

  46. Kawi
    Vor 12 Stunden

    She's gonna bring rock back again if she keeps hitting them amazing ass notes 💜

  47. milena spin
    milena spin
    Vor 12 Stunden

    OMG la de artics monkeys

  48. p Belimenko
    p Belimenko
    Vor 13 Stunden

    2:16 best part

  49. azul ramirez
    azul ramirez
    Vor 13 Stunden

    Hola cómo estás español pero quiero aprender me puedes enseñar por favor cómo porque yo no hablo español español

  50. Dusky Racer
    Dusky Racer
    Vor 13 Stunden

    Me: This is kind of boring 2:18 oh

    Vor 13 Stunden

    Bc of these song I realize I am pansexual

  52. bentschemes
    Vor 13 Stunden

    She’s so beautiful

  53. willow aesthetics
    willow aesthetics
    Vor 13 Stunden

    every BI/LESBIAN, etc: panic. LMAO-

  54. Anime Fan
    Anime Fan
    Vor 14 Stunden

    Все еще удивляюсь тому, как выросла наша малышка

  55. dracomalfoysupperlip
    Vor 14 Stunden

    I rlly like how she did the ending part, is sounded rlly good with her voice. I’m a huge AM fan, and a lot of ppl were hating on her cover of the song, but I think it was done pretty well. One thing, if they had made it a bit more gritty, it would’ve sounded rlly good with Miley’s voice, but maybe that’s just my opinion. Overall tho, it sounds rlly good

  56. Jocelyn Uribe
    Jocelyn Uribe
    Vor 14 Stunden

    Este cover se necesita en Spotify (no sé si ya esté el cover) joyita 👌✨

  57. kaylee anne
    kaylee anne
    Vor 14 Stunden

    Her hips were like: ⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️

  58. Nouryyy
    Vor 14 Stunden

    I need this on Spotify

  59. liz pentecost
    liz pentecost
    Vor 15 Stunden

    oh my G O D she did that

  60. Marshall :•0
    Marshall :•0
    Vor 15 Stunden


  61. Lilly290 4
    Lilly290 4
    Vor 15 Stunden

    OKay okay now I don't miss hannah anymore

  62. Autumn Hutchens
    Autumn Hutchens
    Vor 15 Stunden


  63. Katelyn Floyd
    Katelyn Floyd
    Vor 15 Stunden

    2:17 your welcome ;)

  64. tyler menard
    tyler menard
    Vor 15 Stunden

    I want this on Apple Music so badly

  65. Juli Delfino
    Juli Delfino
    Vor 16 Stunden

    Miley Cyrus is coming next month november 27th. The name of her album is 'plastic hearts' and is gonna be rock/edgy.

  66. B
    Vor 16 Stunden

    I wish the volume was higher in my headphones. This is video sound is too low.

  67. Jesse Ordonez
    Jesse Ordonez
    Vor 16 Stunden

    This sucks. She sucks.

  68. celine holm
    celine holm
    Vor 16 Stunden

    in love with this

  69. kk Kent
    kk Kent
    Vor 16 Stunden

    I love her she put her own twist to it because coping the exact way the song sounds executes the flavor

  70. Natalie
    Vor 17 Stunden

    2:16 damnnn!!!!!!

  71. ThankYouPain09
    Vor 17 Stunden

    I see Ellen is trying to get more views

  72. Donovan Hendrick
    Donovan Hendrick
    Vor 17 Stunden


  73. i love ariana
    i love ariana
    Vor 18 Stunden

    i believe you are looking for 2:16 👀😌

  74. Planet_Dawsey
    Vor 18 Stunden

    Justin Bieber had such a glow up 🤩🤩🤩

  75. Melike Saraç
    Melike Saraç
    Vor 18 Stunden

    hello lgbtq community

    Vor 18 Stunden


  77. Amanda Pereira
    Amanda Pereira
    Vor 18 Stunden

    I was like "WHY ISN'T ANYBODY WEARING A MASK??????" but that's 6 years ago heh

  78. kianna
    Vor 18 Stunden

    i wish this cover was on apple music!!

  79. Siera Millaudon
    Siera Millaudon
    Vor 18 Stunden

    Ok who else wants to see her do more songs like this???

  80. jonathan marlowe
    jonathan marlowe
    Vor 19 Stunden

    Thing ain’t the song for her, but she looks fuckin’ good 🔥

  81. Lizi K
    Lizi K
    Vor 19 Stunden

    Apparently it's Matt's favorite Arctic Monkeys cover 🤔

  82. Satisfying Slime
    Satisfying Slime
    Vor 19 Stunden

    2:18 is what u all came for

  83. emer4lds
    Vor 20 Stunden

    Why did they repost this???

  84. Ilham Lossignol
    Ilham Lossignol
    Vor 20 Stunden

    Elle tellement différente que dans Hannah Montana

  85. Pau La
    Pau La
    Vor 20 Stunden

    Wow she is just amazing so fuckin amazing! Real talent in this shitty 2020 real hard voice

  86. buterachic
    Vor 21 Stunde

    You seriously posted this now!? Ya'll should have posted this a long time ago! not just because it went viral on TikTok. wow, mtv....just-wow.

  87. E D
    E D
    Vor 21 Stunde

    Kaç sene geçti üzerinden siz ciddi misiniz ya?

    Vor 21 Stunde

    2:17 tiktok peoples

  89. Inang Bangtan
    Inang Bangtan
    Vor 21 Stunde

    Can’t find the song in apple music

  90. uwu que te importa
    uwu que te importa
    Vor 21 Stunde

    Quien vino de tik tok?

  91. Loren Alexandra
    Loren Alexandra
    Vor 21 Stunde

    Rock or a lil country sounds nice

  92. Elifsu Derebay
    Elifsu Derebay
    Vor 21 Stunde

    Omg veryyyy very very ........... oh guys ı am turkish but she Voice is veryy very good . Good luck Miley Cyrus.

  93. kbabyy.x
    Vor 21 Stunde

    I’m just obsessed with this song now 🥰

  94. Adrian
    Vor 21 Stunde

    finally, my eternal ringtone , we meet , thanks Miley sorry Arctic monkeys

  95. Izzy_ Rblx
    Izzy_ Rblx
    Vor 21 Stunde

    people from tiktok 2:17 is what your lookimg for 🙂

  96. Daniel Contreras-Rendon
    Daniel Contreras-Rendon
    Vor 21 Stunde

    This song has over 3 million views and half of them are me.....

  97. iiCl0udyStarss
    Vor 21 Stunde

    2:17 thank me later ♡♡

  98. Georgina Gregory
    Georgina Gregory
    Vor 22 Stunden

    She is so talented and an inspiration to all

  99. chief Mcnasty
    chief Mcnasty
    Vor 22 Stunden


  100. Fatmanur Altıntop
    Fatmanur Altıntop
    Vor 22 Stunden

    Ulann ben hala burdayım